New Two-Year Music Degree

This course of study is designed to train the student to become an effective and vivacious local church music administrator. Students enrolled in this degree will be trained and taught the following old-time religion skill sets: leading congregational singing, proper platform etiquette, leading choirs, forming new music groups, order of service, Bible knowledge, and much more. To enter this program, men must be at least 20 years of age and graduate no earlier than the age of 22. There is no age restriction for ladies. Upon completion of this program, the Associate of Ministry degree is awarded.

Church Education 3 Church Education 3
Fundamentals of Music 2 Effective Public Speaking 2
Grammar & Composition I 3 Grammar & Composition II 3
Introduction to Student Life 1 New Testament Survey 3
Music Notation 2 Philosophy of Music 2
Old Testament Survey 3 Semi-Private Piano 1
Personal Evangelism 2 Song Leading 2
Semi-Private Piano 1      
17 16
Bible Doctrines I 3 Accompaniment Methods 2
Choral Directing 2 Applied Composition 2
Grammar & Composition III 3 Bible Doctrines II 3
Music Theory I 3 Church Music Administration 2
Musicianship I 2 Music Practicum 4
Prayer 2 Private Organ 1
Semi-Private Piano 1   Semi-Private Piano 1
16 15