About GSBC

Golden State Baptist College is an independent, fundamental Bible college.

Approximately 30 years ago, Dr. Jack Trieber began to see the need to train men and ladies of our church and nearby churches for full-time Christian service. In 1992, the Golden State Baptist Institute was established for this purpose. In May of 1995, we were able to witness the first commencement exercises of Golden State Baptist Institute. Golden State Baptist College, founded in 1996, is an outgrowth of Golden State Baptist Institute. Since the foundation of this college, God has poured out His blessing on this school.

Our Distinctives

1. Golden State Baptist College is a critically needed ministry. The morals of America’s young people are at an all-time low. In our opinion, fundamental, independent Baptist churches are becoming too rare. The need has never been greater to train fundamental, independent Baptist leaders for the next generation. Our college is dedicated to exalting our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rather than men or personalities, and it stands in stark contrast to the atheistic and humanistic approach which characterizes most institutions of higher learning in our country.

2. Golden State Baptist College is unashamedly an independent, fundamental, soul-winning, separated, Baptist college. Thus, Golden State Baptist College is not intended to be merely Baptistic. Students who wish to be accepted at Golden State Baptist College must come from a church of like faith and practice. We want to make it very clear to all of our students where we stand; therefore, we will not be able to accept charismatic, “Bible” church, “Christian” church, non-denominational, or inter-denominational students. Our admissions policy is not intended to question the salvation or sincerity of non-Baptist students, but only to make our approach clear and definite.

3. Golden State Baptist College is pro-local church. It is designed to be a blessing and an educational alternative for fundamental, independent college students to consider, and it should not be perceived as a threat to any other pastor or church.

4. The King James Version is the only English-language Bible that will be permitted on campus.

5. Golden State Baptist College is pro-family. We do not believe that any institution should interfere with the God-given responsibility of parenthood. Our college will encourage its students to love, respect, and obey their parents.

6. Golden State Baptist College believes it is a high honor and a great responsibility to train young people because the formative college years can never be duplicated or undone. For many students, decisions made in college become part of a lifelong direction.

7. Golden State Baptist College will not be a replica of any other college. It is unique and patterned after what God has called us to do.

8. Golden State Baptist College will stand against the destructiveness of para-church organizations since their infiltration can weaken a local New Testament church.

9. Golden State Baptist College will teach its students more than traditional Baptist history. We believe that independent, fundamental Baptist students should be taught the heritage and history of the independent, fundamental Baptist movement.

10. Golden State Baptist College will stress the importance of preaching, for God has chosen the foolishness of preaching to confound the wise. (I Corinthians 1:17-28)

11. Golden State Baptist College will oppose all forms of ecumenicism.

About Dr. Jack Trieber

Dr. Jack Trieber has been the pastor at North Valley since March 1, 1976. Under his leadership, hundreds of pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Christian servants have been called and sent forth into the Gospel ministry.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Golden State is to train men and women who have a sincere desire to serve the Lord by equipping them with the tools necessary for a fruitful ministry.


You can call the college office at 1-888-GSBC-4-ME or send an email to info@gsbc.edu. Contact us here.

Yes! We enjoy having visitors on our campus. We recommend coming on a weekday during the school year so you can experience classes and chapel. Classes are from 8am-1pm, with chapel at 11am every day. Schedule a visit here.

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