General Information

Athletic Opportunities

Students can enjoy a wide-ranging intramural sports program for men and ladies throughout both semesters. Many different sports are offered year-round, with hundreds of students participating in these leagues. The action is fun and highly competitive. In the fall semester, the entire student body is dismissed from classes to watch the annual Turkey Bowl flag football championship. During the spring semester, the gym is packed for the basketball championship game. Other sports include volleyball, indoor soccer, dodgeball, and more.


Students who wish to operate an automobile on or around the campus must notify the Dean of Students at the beginning of each semester. They must provide a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a valid license and registration for the automobile. All state laws must be obeyed in the operation of the vehicle. Students must notify the administration and their parents in the event of any accidents or traffic violations. The college reserves the right to deny any student the privilege of operating an automobile on campus if its use is considered to be detrimental in any way to the student’s proper education or well-being.

Campus Life

We believe that the activities on campus, the dormitory life, and the entire program of the college require the full participation and cooperation of every student. College can be a wonderful experience for those who are involved and dedicated to the college program.


Attendance at our daily chapel service is required. Preachers and missionaries from across the nation and around the world as well as members of our faculty, will preach from the platform of Golden State Baptist College.


A school choir is available for those who wish to enroll.

Christian Service

Students will be given the opportunity to teach Sunday school classes, work on bus routes, participate in the music ministry, etc. Each of these opportunities will be under administrative supervision.

Church Attendance

Every student must attend the North Valley Baptist Church of Santa Clara. A student who is an active member of another local, fundamental Baptist church in this area prior to his acceptance at GSBC must first obtain special administrative approval in order to attend his home church while enrolled at GSBC.


Students are encouraged and given many opportunities to date while at GSBC.

Demerit System

Golden State Baptist College will use a demerit system for disciplinary measures. Each week the demerit list will be published.


Golden State Baptist College requires all single young men and young women to live in the dormitories for their freshman year. After this, sophomores, juniors, and seniors may live at home with their parents. All students will need to carry a minimum course load of 12 hours in order to live in the dormitories.

Each student is expected to furnish linens, pillow, bedspread, and blankets for a single bed. Each student should have an iron. Appliances such as televisions, hot plates, and electric skillets are not permitted. Radios, lamps, fans, sewing machines, computers, hairdryers, and electric razors may be used in the dormitories. Students are welcome to bring some items to decorate their rooms to make them comfortable. The administration reserves the right to require students to remove decorations that are not in compliance with the philosophy of this college.

Food Services

Delicious, nutritious meals will be prepared and provided for all dormitory students.

Golden Grille

The Golden Grille will be open at published times for students to enjoy food and fellowship together.

Hospitalization Insurance

Students are encouraged, but not required, to have hospitalization and medical insurance. Many students have this insurance provided to them through their employers. Others choose to purchase private insurance through a private carrier. The college does not provide this insurance.

Musical Groups

Each year, new music groups will be formed and students will be given the opportunity to sing in chapel. One special number from the college will be permitted during each church service.

Off-Campus Employment

Students who wish to have off-campus employment must receive approval from the administration. No dorm student will be allowed to work or be off-campus between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Socials and Special Events

Several times each semester there are college-wide activities to different locations. Activities can involve professional and NCAA sporting events, BBQs, picnics, and attractions within the Bay Area. In addition to weekly activities, the college hosts a banquet each semester, as well as periodic music recitals provided for the students.

Soul Winning

Students will be required to be involved in a soul-winning ministry each week. Golden State Baptist College students are expected to go soul winning for a minimum of three hours per week.

Study Hours

Students will be required to study each weekday evening from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. in their dormitory rooms or at the college library, with the exception of Wednesday evening for the mid-week service, approved work schedules, and special college-directed activities.

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