Master’s Program

The GSBC Master’s Program is a comprehensive program that combines practical internship experience with intense Bible study. A student who earns a master’s degree from Golden State Baptist College will be equipped to start, grow, and administer an area of church ministry. He will have the invaluable experience of being immersed in the ministry and philosophy of the North Valley Baptist Church, working side-by-side with staff members who are dedicated and experienced in their areas of ministry.  In addition, the master’s degree student will be academically challenged as he learns how to study the Bible and develop his biblical positions on relevant issues.

Course Objectives

• To do the work of the ministry, learning by a hands-on, practical approach
• To grasp the philosophy of the North Valley Baptist Church
• To build Bible study and thinking skills
• To study the Bible deeply,  strengthening personal, foundational beliefs
• To observe the multi-faceted aspects of a ministry in action
• To develop the character and productivity of a dedicated staff member

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Lankford Oxendine
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