Placement Tests

Students may take placement tests to exempt them from General Math, Fundamentals of Music, Computer Basics, or Beginning Typing. If they pass these tests, they will not receive credit for the course but will be allowed to substitute an elective. Students who wish to take these tests must do so before the end of their fourth semester of attendance at Golden State Baptist College. If a student has transferred enough credits so that he will be enrolled for four or fewer semesters and Golden State Baptist College, then he must complete the tests by or before the end of his next to last semester at GSBC.

English Placement Test

All incoming freshmen are required to take an English placement test during registration. This test assures proper placement in freshman English. Those students who do not score satisfactorily must enroll in Basic English (EN99). Advanced students may test out of Grammar and Composition I (EN101) and II (EN102) and take electives in their place.

Mathematics Placement Test

All incoming students are required to take the math placement test during registration. Those students who score satisfactorily will not be required to enroll in General Mathematics and may take an elective in its place.

Fundamentals of Music Placement Test

This test is a prerequisite for most music courses and must be taken by students majoring in music to determine whether the student should enroll in Fundamentals of Music or whether the student may be excused from these courses.

Keyboarding Placement Test

A keyboard proficiency exam must be taken during registration for proper placement into typewriting classes. Those students who score satisfactorily will fulfill the typing requirement and may take an elective in its place.

Music Auditions

During registration, the music faculty will audition students who wish to enroll in private music lessons. Enrollment in private lessons is a privilege and will be allowed only if permission is granted by a member of the music faculty.

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