Over a four-year period, the classes at Golden State Baptist College combine to provide a first-class, lasting education. Every major offered at Golden State is Bible-centered, with a requirement of at least 32 Bible credits for every degree that is granted. We are seeking to train Christian servants of the next generation, and we believe a solid Bible foundation is vital to this purpose. The in-depth and challenging education provided to our students is balanced with practical instruction that can be applied in their daily lives. Students are given hands-on opportunities to put their classroom training into practice. Furthermore, our Masters’ program is uniquely tailored to each individual and takes a practical approach to preparing the student for a broad range of ministry involvement.


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Practical Instruction

All education majors are required to fulfill 16 credits of student teaching. At North Valley Baptist School, our students are able to learn first-hand the daily routine of a Christian school teacher. From planning and observing to teaching and demonstrating, our students are exposed to what they may encounter in the near future. Seniors and masters’ students are also given the chance to intern for positions at local churches. This allows our men to learn submission and ministry work under a man of God.

Distance Learning

Golden State offers college courses online. You can take a class during high school or even over the summer before coming to college. This would allow you to earn college credit while getting an idea of what a college class is like. To learn more, visit

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