What is GSBC? Video Series with Dr. Trieber

What is GSBC?

Dr. Jack Trieber, President of GSBC, explains what GSBC is and what it isn’t. If you are looking for a Bible college, consider Golden State Baptist College.

What is GSBC? – Preparing Your Child for Bible College

How do you prepare your child for Bible college? In this brief video, Dr. Jack Trieber addresses this very topic. Visit our college website at gsbc.edu for more information.

What is GSBC? – Golden State is Golden State

“Golden State is Golden State” What exactly does that mean? In this video, Dr. Jack Trieber explains why we are unlike other Bible colleges. For more information, visit gsbc.edu.

What is GSBC? – What Golden State Baptist College Is About

In this video, Dr. Trieber shares what we believe and practice at Golden State Baptist College.

What is GSBC? – What a Place!

“What a Place!” In the heart of the Silicon Valley, Golden State Baptist College is a wonderful place to be! In this video, Dr. Trieber explains what makes GSBC so special.