Department of History

HI 101, 102 ~ History of Civilization I and II (3 hours)

A survey of the history of man through ancient, medieval, and modern times. The various cultural developments of principal countries, along with their contributions to civilization, will be emphasized.*Three hours each semester.

HI 201, 202 ~ United States History I and II (3 hours)

A detailed study of the establishment of the United States from its beginnings up to present-day affairs. Emphasis is placed on the people, events, political influences, and philosophies that helped shape our country into a great republic. *Three hours each semester.

HI 204 ~ Reformation History (3 hours)

A view of the Protestant Reformation and its influence on civilization and on Christianity. Special emphasis on the work of Martin Luther and the predominance of the Roman Catholic Church.

HI 301 ~ American Government (3 hours)

This course explores the organization and characteristics of the American government. It examines the functions of our government in both national and foreign affairs.

HI 302 ~ Nineteenth-Century European History (3 hours)

A study of Europe’s history from Napoleon’s demise to the onset of World War I. The development of European military, industry, and international influence around the globe.

HI 303 ~ American Constitutional History (3 hours)

This course examines our constitutional government from its English and colonial roots. It examines the ascent of our constitution through its framing, adoption, and ratification.

HI 306 ~ American Involvement in World War II (2 hours)

Set in the era often referred to as “America’s Greatest Generation,” this course examines World War II from an American perspective. Our study begins prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor and ends in ultimate and equivocal victory.

HI 330 ~ History of the Cold War (3 hours)

Restriction: This course is restricted to juniors and seniors. Focuses on the post-World War II era of the conflict between world Communism and NATO Allies, particularly the United States’ conflicts with internal Communism while attempting to maintain a policy of containment. A brief look at Communism and the Bolshevik revolution provides the necessary background for understanding the more recent conflicts in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and the Reagan era.

HI 336 ~ History of American Colonies (2 hours)

Restriction: This course is restricted to juniors and seniors. A survey of European settlement in North America with emphasis on British colonial politics leading to the American Revolution and the subsequent Constitutional Convention. The student will gain insight into the unifying impact of the Great Awakening which provided the impetus for the colonies to work together to establish the greatest democracy of all time.

HI 400 ~ Seventeenth-Century English History (2 hours)

Seventeenth-century Britain was a time of prolific achievements in the areas of politics, science, art, and literature. The century began with the publication of the King James Bible and ended with the production of a Bill of Rights. The class will be challenged to examine some of these amazing accomplishments within the context of their historical time and place.

HI 401 ~ History of England (3 hours)

A survey of England’s history from its earliest formation and operation to its current significant role. Also examines England’s influences on America and other world governments.

HI 402 ~ Civil  War and Reconstruction (3 hours)

This course examines the civil and political conflicts between the North and the South and the major campaigns of the Civil War. It also explores the reuniting and rebuilding of our country after the war.

HI 405 ~ History of the Middle East (3 hours)

Restriction: This course is restricted to juniors and seniors. A survey of the complex tapestry of Middle East cultures and conflicts starting with nineteenth century imperialism and leading to present day issues. There is an overview of Islam and how its various sects impact internal and external politics and affect relations withe Israel and European nations.

HI 411 ~ Napoleonic Wars (2 hours)

From Enlightenment to Exile, this brief study of Napoleon and his major conflicts with and contributions to Western Civilization will incorporate the history of France and its effects on the history of Europe during the mid-eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.