Department of English

EN 99 ~ Basic English (No Credit)

This is a study of grammar and sentence construction and is required of students who do not pass the English Placement Test.

EN 101 ~ Grammar  & Composition I (3 hours)

Prerequisite: A passing grade in EN 99 or placement via the English Placement Test. This course covers English grammar, paragraphing, reading comprehension, and word studies.

EN 102 ~ Grammar & Composition II (3 hours)

Prerequisite: A passing grade in EN 101. This course teaches students to communicate in Standard English. It also covers writing strategies, reading comprehension, and vocabulary development.

EN 103 ~ Grammar  & Composition III (3 hours)

Prerequisite: A passing grade in EN 102. This course, assuming a comprehensive knowledge of English grammar, stresses critical thinking and techniques for effective speaking, writing, and vocabulary building.

EN 206 ~ Introduction to Linguistics (2 hours)

Prerequisite: A passing grade in EN 101. This course explores the systematic nature of language with an introductory study of the major linguistic subfields of phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax.

EN 302 ~ American Literature (3 hours)

A survey of important American literature from the colonial period to post Civil War. The emphasis of this course is both on the value of each literary work and on the relationship of the work to the historical period in which it was written.

EN 303 ~ English Literature (3 hours)

A survey of the works of the major authors of English literature from the Middle Ages through the Eighteenth century and their contribution to English language and literary forms.

EN 304 ~ Professional Communication (2 hours)

This course is a workshop in developing communication skills as a public speaker with a special emphasis on tactfully handling delicate situations.

EN 305 ~ Homiletics I (2 hours)

This is a study of the preparation and delivery of sermons which deals with selecting and developing a topic as well as the delivery of the message.

EN 306 ~ Homiletics  II (2 hours)

Prerequisite: EN 305. This is a continued study of the preparation and delivery of sermons which includes practice preaching.

EN 308 ~ Short Story (2 hours)

This course is a brief but fast-paced study of the characteristics of the short story as applied to a selection of works from world literature. Students will be required to write an original short story.

EN 309 ~ Teaching Poetry (2 hours)

This course presents a study of the meter, form, and language of poetry in English. The focus of this class will be providing students with practical experience in applying different approaches to the analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of poetry.

EN 311 ~ Analytical Reading & Reasoning (2 hours)

This course is designed to improve reading comprehension and reasoning skills.

EN 330 ~ History of the English Language (2 hours)

Prerequisite: EN 206. This course is a study of the changes in the English language from Old English to the present with a special emphasis on those topics that will be most beneficial and practical to English teachers.

EN 376 ~ 19th Century English Poets (2 hours)

Prerequisite: EN 101. An investigation of the works of selected poets in historical and political context during the Romantic era in Britain (1780-1832). In addition to interpretation, the class will focus on appreciation for and recognition of esthetic poetic elements.

EN 399 ~ English Teaching Practicum (1 hours)

This course provides guided, hands-on experience in teaching literacy, grammar, and composition to various age groups. Admittance to this course is by approval of the English Department Chairman.

EN 401 ~ Creative Writing (3 hours)

This course is a study and practice of various literary tools for creative writing with an emphasis on original composition.

EN 402 ~ Literary Criticism (2 hours)

Prerequisite: EN 101. A comprehensive overview of several critical theories and approaches to the reading, studying, and interpreting of literature. Students will obtain practical experience in applying different approaches to interpretation, evaluation, and and appreciation of literature.

EN 403 ~ Advanced Grammar (2 hours)

Prerequisite: EN 102 and EN 206. Advanced Grammar takes a look at the intricacies of English grammar. It covers topics such as grammatical constituency, choice and chain relationships. embedding, clause structure, variations on basic sentence patterns, phrasal verbs, gradience, and multiple analysis.

EN 423 ~ Introduction to Shakespeare (2 hours)

Prerequisite: EN 101. This course introduces the premier English poet and playwright within the context of the Renaissance culture in which he flourished. In addition to closely reading and critically analyzing the plays, students will be required to act out scenes.