Department of Christian Education

CE 141 ~ Introduction to Student Life (1 hours)

This required course is for all new incoming students. This course is designed to help and acquaint the new student to spiritual, academic and social aspects of college life.

CE 203 ~ Baptist History (2 hours)

The significance of our historic Baptist faith is examined in this study of the history of the church from the time of Christ to the present.

CE 211 ~ Women of the Bible (2 hours)

This course is a brief overview of women in the Bible that God used to accomplish great things.

CE 303 ~ Assistant Pastor (3 hours)

This course studies the functions, philosophies, responsibilities, and characteristics of an assistant pastor. Special emphasis will be given to completing the pastor’s ministry and working as a team player.

CE 321 ~ Baptist Distinctives (3 hours)

This study examines historic Baptist positions and establishes clear biblical authority for Baptists’ beliefs. The course includes some history, but it primarily takes a careful look at the established beliefs and qualities that identify Baptists as Baptists. A general understanding of Bible doctrine is recommended for this study.

CE 361 ~ Beginning Spanish (2 hours)

An introduction to basic conversational Spanish and the conventions of Spanish grammar.

CE 362 ~ Intermediate Spanish (2 hours)

An continuation of Beginning Spanish. This course explores comprehensive conversational Spanish.

CE 401 ~ Church Education (3 hours)

A careful study of the various ministries and facets of an aggressive, soul-winning, New Testament church. This course will emphasize church planting and church growth, and much detail will be given regarding procedures, philosophy, pastoral duties, finances, goals, hiring and maintaining staff, and many other functions relating to management of church ministries.

CE 405 ~ Bus Ministry (2 hours)

This course examines the planning, promoting, building, and operation of a successful church bus ministry. This class also provides an opportunity to be involved in the largest bus ministry west of the Mississippi.

CE 406 ~ Soul-winning Ministry (2 hours)

A study of the organization and implementation of church soul-winning ministries. Details of various types of soul-winning ministries will be examined, along with other methods of getting out the Gospel.

CE 407 ~ Youth Work (2 hours)

This course explores the many facets of successful youth work in the local church. Emphasis will be placed on organization, philosophy, and practicality. Subjects such as activities, programs, soul winning, parent-teen relationships, and preaching to teens will be studied.

CE 409 ~ The Home (2 hours)

Few things in the ministry are more important than a Christian leader’s home. The home is definitely under attack. We see 75% of all homes suffer through an adulterous affair; and even in Christian homes, the figure is 50%. The importance of spending quality time with the family and putting forth great effort to rear godly children will be stressed.

CE 410 ~ Church Construction (2 hours)

This course offers the pastoral student a basic working knowledge of the construction of church buildings. It will include planning, designing, reading building plans, and hands-on construction.

CE 411 ~ America’s Biblical Heritage (2 hours)

“America, America, God shed His grace on thee.” Revisionary history writers and educators are seeking to abolish the Biblical heritage of America. Thus, this class will retrace the godly roots and foundation of America’s history.

CE 413 ~ Christian Womanhood (2 hours)

This course attends to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues affecting all Christian women and teaches the practical, Biblical methods of dealing with them.

CE 422 ~ Biblical Counseling (2 hours)

This course examines the proper principles and guidelines involved in successful pastoral counseling. The pastor must develop wisdom and discernment in dealing with his people concerning problems and decisions in their lives. This course examines that responsibility and how to prepare for it properly.