Department of Business

BU 101 ~ Beginning Keyboarding* (2 hours)

This course is designed to teach the proper techniques of touch keyboarding with an emphasis on rhythm, accuracy and speed. Students with any previous training can be tested for proficiency prior to enrollment.

BU 102 ~ Intermediate Keyboarding* (3 hours)

Prerequisites: At least a “C” in BU 101 or a satisfactory score on a typing proficiency exam. Emphasis is placed on increasing speed and efficiency on a microcomputer.

BU 104 ~ Computer Basics* (2 hours)

This course covers basic computer capabilities and terminology. Students use a PC to create, save, modify, and print basic text, spreadsheet, and database documents.

BU 201 ~ Basic Word Processing (3 hours)

Prerequisite: At least a “C” in BU 102 and BU 104. Introduction to document creation, through the use of saving, printing, selecting, moving, copying and replacing text.

BU 202 ~ Personal Finance (2 hours)

This course is designed to train students to handle personal financial matters as well as church and school budgets. Included in this course are setting up a family budget, dealing with credit, insurance coverage, checking and savings accounts, and techniques of comparison shopping.

BU 206 ~ Advanced Word Processing* (3 hours)

Prerequisite: At least a “C” in BU 201. Document enhancement through use of fonts, size, alignment, headers, footers, borders, and graphics.

BU 206 ~ Databases* (2 hours)

Prerequisite: At least a “C” in BU 104. Students will learn how to create and manage database files, modify layout and print reports that would pertain to the ministry. Filemaker Pro® will be used.

BU 227 ~ Advanced Keyboarding* (3 hours)

Prerequisite: BU 102. Emphasis is placed on increasing speed and efficiency on a microcomputer.

BU 301 ~ Basic Spreadsheets* (3 hours)

Prerequisite: At least a “C” in BU 104. Create, edit, and save spreadsheets. Techniques in copying formatting, inserting/deleting cells, rows and columns. Basics of sorting, searching, and producing data to display or print in graphical form via charts. Microsoft® Excel will be used.

BU 302 ~ Advanced Business Applications* (3 hours)

Prerequisite: At least a “C” in BU 104. Students will gain a basic use of Power Point and learn how to build a web page.

BU 305 ~ Filing & Records Management (2 hours)

This course covers filing methods, systems, procedures, and equipment management procedures.

BU 306 ~ Business Communications (2 hours)

This course incorporates business English skills into the techniques of writing business letters, memos, and reports.

BU 309 ~ Secretarial Accounting I (3 hours)

This is a course in the accounting system as it applies to the secretarial position. Basic, entry-level accounting is studied.

BU 310 ~ Church Finance* (2 hours)

Students will learn basic principles regarding church finance, including but not limited to proper systems and controls for ministries, tax exemption for churches, reading and understanding financial statements, pereUsing QuickBooks®, the student will learn the basic principles of setting up a bookkeeping system appropriate for churches and Christian schools. Computer lab will be utilized.

BU 401 ~ Secretarial Procedures (3 hours)

This course concentrates on training the student in secretarial duties, office procedures, office ethics, proper dress, and develops responsibility and flexibility.

BU 404 ~ Office Training (8 hours)

This course provides an opportunity to use the knowledge and skills previously learned with the assignment of duties in an actual office setting.

BU 405 ~ Office Machines Lab (1 hour)

This course presents the principles and functions of modern office machines such as data entry, dictating and transcribing machines, calculators, switchboards, postage meters and scales, fax machines, and copiers.

BU 406 ~ Purchasing (2 hours)

Introduces the student to basic purchasing procedures, source selection, cost containment strategies, and legal responsibilities as a purchasing agent.  Practical methods of purchasing, supplier management, and reporting are provided to assist the student in developing/maintaining a “value added” attitude/capability.

BU 407 ~ Desktop Publishing  I* (3 hours)

This course is an introduction to desktop publishing principles as used in designing professional documents.

BU 408 ~ Desktop Publishing II* (3 hours)

Prerequisite: At least a “C” in BU 407. This course continues the presentation of the principles of design with a more in-depth study of graphic design. Various graphics projects will be assigned during the semester.

*These courses make use of the computer lab.