Department of Bible

BI 101 ~ Old Testament Survey (3 hours)

A fundamental survey of the entire Old Testament. Each book is examined, outlined, and its purposes and characteristics are presented.

BI 102 ~ New Testament Survey (3 hours)

A fundamental survey of the entire New Testament. Each book is examined, outlined, and its purposes and characteristics are presented.

BI 103 ~ Personal Evangelism (2 hours)

A detailed study of how to effectively carry out the Great Commission. Proven methods of confrontational, door-to-door soul winning, along with practical instruction in evangelizing in any situation.

BI 105 ~ Acts (3 hours)

A study of the book of Acts with special emphasis on the New Testament local church and its polity, philosophy, purpose, and growth.

BI 107 ~ The Life of Christ (2 hours)

The life of Christ is studied. The life of Christ is paramount if one is to know the Author of our faith. This course will begin with the pre-existence of Christ and continue with the birth, ministry, trial, crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascension of our Lord.

BI 201, 202 ~ Bible Doctrines I and II (3 hours)

This course instructs students in the subjects of theology, Bibliology, Christology, pneumatology, anthropology, hamartiology, soteriology, ecclesiology, angelology, and eschatology. *Three hours each semester.

BI 203 ~ Genesis (2 hours)

This course takes the student from the origin of the world through the early history of the nation of Israel. Special emphasis is placed upon creation, the fall of man, and God’s dealings with the lives of the patriarchs.

BI 204 ~ Romans (3 hours)

An exposition of the book of Romans detailing the doctrines of salvation, sanctification, and service.

BI 205 ~ Isaiah (3 hours)

A careful study of the life of the prophet Isaiah and his message to the nation of Israel. Special attention is given to his prophetic revelations concerning the Messiah Who was to come.

BI 206 ~ Jeremiah and Lamentations (3 hours)

A study of the ministry of the prophet Jeremiah as God’s messenger to the Israelites. His compassionate plea to God’s people and his Messianic prophecies will be emphasized.

BI 210 ~ Bible Parables (2 hours)

An overview of the parables in the Bible with an emphasis on the parables that Jesus related in the New Testament. Their meaning, significance, and direct applications will be discussed.

BI 235 ~ Galatians & Philippians (2 hours)

This class is an examination of the doctrines set forth in these two epistles as well as practical applications that can be made, including a study of the life of the Apostle Paul as he wrote each book.

BI 240 ~ The Gospel of John (1 hour)

This course is an intensive exegetical study of John, including an investigation of the uniqueness of this Gospel compared with the synoptic Gospels, and a study of the life and teachings of Christ that are distinctive in this book.

BI 243 ~ Religions of the World (2 hours)

This course is an introduction to the academic study of the Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, and Muslim religious traditions through an examination of the historical development and central practices of each.  The emphasis of this study is the distinction between Biblical Christianity and the other religions presented.

BI 301, 302 ~ Greek I (3 hours)

Prerequisite: Grammar and Composition II. Provides a foundational basis for grammar in New Testament Greek. Pronunciation, forms, syntax, and simple translation. Includes practical instruction in performing word studies and preparation for sermons and Bible studies.

BI 305 ~ General Epistles (2 hours)

An exposition and practical study of the epistles of James; I and II Peter; I, II, and III John; and Jude.

BI 306 ~ Pastoral  Epistles (2 hours)

A practical study of the instruction, admonition, and direction given to pastors in I and II Timothy and Titus.

BI 307 ~ Hebrews (3 hours)

An exposition of the book of Hebrews, with special attention given to Christ’s divine priesthood and its correlation with New Testament Christianity.

BI 309 ~ Contemporary Theology (2 hours)

This course is an intensive study of the current traditional and nontraditional theologies that are affecting the church in modern times.

BI 310 ~ The Local Church (2 hours)

A detailed study of the origin of the local church and its history and primary functions according to the New Testament.

BI 312 ~ Cults (2 hours)

An examination of the most prominent religions that are not anchored in the Scriptures, a study of the doctrines of the Bible that counter these false teachings, and a consideration of effective soul-winning methods that can be used with cult members.

BI 321 ~ Junior Bible Seminar (3 hours)

Restriction: For junior pastoral majors. The primary purpose of this seminar is to help the student learn how to bring together all his tools in the preparation of Sunday school lessons and sermons, and it is specifically designed to make the Bible come to life for the student.

BI 403 ~ Prayer (2 hours)

The importance of a faithful, dedicated prayer life is carefully studied. A comprehensive look at what the  Scriptures tell us about prevailing prayer and getting things from God will be the focus of this class.

BI 404 ~ Proverbs (3 hours)

An expository study of the practical book of wisdom. A father’s instruction to his son is examined for its daily application in the life of God’s servants.

BI 406 ~ Daniel (2 hours)

A careful examination of the exemplary life of Daniel, his experiences and the prophetic visions contained in this book.

BI 409 ~ Revelation (2 hours)

An overview of the Book of Revelation, including the letters to the seven churches and the prophecies concerning the end times.

BI 421 ~ Senior  Bible Seminar (3 hours)

Restriction: for senior pastoral majors. This seminar will address specific weaknesses of our students that are revealed in the evaluation of the Test of General Bible Knowledge, which is taken upon the completion of the junior year. The purpose of this course is to ensure that our graduates are properly prepared for the ministry.