New SAT Test Scores

In March of 2016, the College Board changed their SAT exam.  Consequently, their scores were also changed. We were not notified of this scoring change until May 2016.

Due to this change, we have modified our Academic Scholarship score requirement for the SAT exam. Academic Scholarship can be awarded based on high SAT and ACT test scores.

The updated required SAT Score will be based on the combined scores from the following areas which you will find at the top of your report.

  • — Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
  • — Math

This combined score will need to be a minimum of 1210.

Please note that our scholarship forms that you have in your possession could still have the older required scores.  These older score requirements (1140 critical reading and math) will still apply to SAT exams taken prior to March 2016.

Contact the Registrar with any additional questions.