Students are privileged to learn much about worldwide evangelism in the “classroom” of North Valley Baptist Church.

There are several ministries in which our students can participate on weekends, including our regular bus, Sunday school, and soul-winning programs. Every summer, our tour groups are sent out across the nation to sing and be a blessing to other pastors and churches. They also travel several weekends throughout the school year.

Reaching & Teaching

Every Sunday, college students head out on a team of buses to bring children, teens, and adults to church. When all the miles are tallied, our church buses travel the equivalent of a trip from California to Nebraska each week. The “C” Sunday school is also a vital part of every Sunday at Golden State Baptist College. This graded Sunday school department is staffed entirely by students. Here, they are given opportunities to teach and preach to people of all ages and many ethnic backgrounds. In addition, Golden State has an excellent soul-winning program. Each of our students shares the gospel of Jesus Christ with people throughout the community. These opportunities allow our students to put their weekly training into action on the weekends.